Should I cut off the worst of the leaves? Did I kill it already help!! All of the leaves? As the pineapple gets older, the leaves start to wither and turn brown.The fruit may just be overripe at this point and still fine to eat. These sap-sucking pineapple pests love pineapple as much as you do, so check the undersides of leaves of your plant regularly. By Cluster, April 12 in TROPICAL LOOKING PLANTS - Other Than Palms. Brown leaves on pineapple Hey I live in south Georgia and I have planted my pineapple top in a shallow pot. Last week I brought in my Mandevilla into the conservatory because they do not like frost. If you are talking about the flesh of the pineapple, I would say your nose is not working if you say there is no sign of spoilage. For the last one, I just stuck it in the soil right away, as I always had more luck with this method from other projects - still the plant died. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. ! The colour of the heart leaves changes to yellow or light coppery brown. Potted pineapple leaves turning brown. Could this be the problem? Support the channel - That's one small CLICK for YOU, one giant leap for PINEAPPLES! These are some of the most common pineapple problems and some hints for dealing with pineapple problems: Mealybugs and scale. > pineapple plant care brown leaves. Probably stress from being repotted. Later, the heart leaves wilt (causing the leaf edges to roll under), turn brown and eventually die. A pineapple is supposed to turn brown. Potted pineapple leaves turning brown Sign in to follow this . pineapple plant care brown leaves. The first two, I took them off the pineapple, cleaned them, took a lot of leaves of so the base would be exposed and then stuck it in water with some toothpicks in. Followers 0. pineapple plant leaves turning brown 4 December 2020 / in Geen categorie / by / in Geen categorie / by Good luck. You can remove the dried parts.I attribute the browned out leaves to be caused by both age and cold. If so, will things improve come spring, or is the damage done? The leaves have started turning brown and I do not see any new growth. All of the leaves are turning brown, and the little pineapple is turning yellow. It has been in a cup of water on my kitchen table for two weeks and little roots are starting to grow, but the leaves are turning brown … Overwatering, which can cause root rot, is common, especially in … It takes two years for a stalk to make a pineapple. It is the height of winter where I am, so very little sun and it's cold in my house while I'm out at work. The dead pieces of the leaf does not contribute to the health of the plant. I followed all the steps people listed and planted it and let the soil stay Moist. That didn't work. Pineapple leaves give a good visual of the overall ripeness and quality of the fruit. Yours should be putting out a pineapple this year. Hopefully it will sort itself out in a few weeks.