Tailor-made motorcycle training

At KK Rider Training our motorcycle lessons are tailored to suit you, ensuring that you have the best motorcycle training available and safely increasing your chance of passing your motorcycle test first time! We also pride ourselves on working as hard as possible to make sure our pupils receiving no minors.

Modern & reliable

Our bikes

We use modern, relaible bikes for the best training experience you'll find around you. Our BMW F800, F650GS and Suzuki 650ABS Bandit are a dream for DAS learners and our reliable Yamaha YBR & SR 125's are perfect for your CBT. If you're here fresh-faced at 16 looking for your CBT for a moped - our Sym 50cc scooters are your ticket to freedom.

In safe hands

Experienced Instructors

Not only do our instructors have years of experience on their own bikes, but they have taught pupils to be safe motorcycle riders for years too. From training South Yorkshire Police riders to travelling the world on their bikes - there's a wealth of knowledge here for you to tap into.

Our instructors

Fun, friendly and down-to-earth. Meet the guys.

  • Kyle

    "The Stig"

  • Harley

    "Camo pants"

Types of licenses

With KK Training, you can take your bike test on various sizes of machines depending on what you want to be able to ride afterwards. Details of the 3 main choices are...

Light License A1

Training and testing on a motorcycle up to 125cc and not exceeding 11kW. Minimum age for an A1 Licence is 17 years. Once you have passed an A1 Test, you can ride a bike up to 125cc and 11kW. To ride a larger machine, you will need to take a different test. This is a step up from your Compulsory Basic Training certificate (CBT), but means you don't need "L" plates on your bike.


Medium License A2

Minimum age for A2 is 19 years. If you have passed an A1 test, you have to wait a minimum of 2 years before you can take an A2 test. Training and testing will be on a 500cc/35kW motorcycle. Once you have passed an A2 Test, you can ride any size motorcycle with a power output not exceeding 35kW. To ride a larger machine, you will need to take a different test.


Full License Category A

Minimum age for Category A is 24 years, unless an A2 licence has been held for at least 2 years. Training and testing carried out on at least a 595cc/40kW motorcycle. The category A licence is a full bike licence and will allow you to ride any bike with no power restriction.


The Test

A motorcycle test consists of 2 parts called Modules 1 and 2. These are usually taken on separate days. You must have a current CBT certificate (speak to us about this!) and have passed a motorcycle theory and hazard perception test. You must bring with you:

  • UK Photo-card Driving Licence
  • Valid DL196 (CBT certificate)
  • Valid theory test certificate
  • Module 1 test pass certificate when presenting for Module 2
  • A valid passport, if you have an old style (non photocard) licence
  • You will need to wear suitable motorcycle clothing, including boots.

  • Module 1 covers specified manoeuvres conducted at specific speeds and is conducted at safe off road sites by the DVSA.
    Module 2 is made up of an eyesight test, road safety questions (covered during your course) and at least 30 minutes of riding. You will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts.
    Again, with the training and practice you have received, we are confident that you will be ready for your test.

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